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IMPORTANT NOTICE TO CONSUMERS: To maintain consistent quality and service, U.S. Grain has established authorized distributors to sell US GRAIN’S REGAL products to retail establishments who re-sell those products to end users. When sold through proper distribution channels, the US GRAIN’S REGAL products purchased by you are supported by our express warranty. However US GRAIN’S REGAL products that are not sold through authorized distribution cannot be supported by the Company. This notice is published because products identified as US GRAIN’S REGAL pet food are being offered for sale on the Starz Internet site. From what we have been able to determine, those products werenot purchased through authorized distribution. As a consequence, any purchasers of products from Starz will not be entitled to warranty protection or any other support from U.S. Grain. A list of approved U.S. Grain distributors is published on this site so that you can confirm that your retailer is purchasing from an authorized dealer should any questions arise. We value our relationships with users of US GRAIN’S REGAL products and want to ensure that those users receive the quality and service on which our reputation has been built.


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